Mathgurudev is a math-related website/blog. Here is an attempt to solve and explain last year’s questions of the Math Olympiad in an accurate way. Past questions have been presented and explained in the form of quizzes.

What exactly is the Maths Olympiad?

Mathematics is called the heart of science. It is not possible to think of science without mathematics. That is why mathematics is considered the mother of science. And regular practice is very important to increase knowledge about mathematics. There are good benefits to participating in a competition to sharpen the practice. Math Olympiad is such a competition. By participating in the Mathematics Olympiad, students will be able to strengthen their talents and knowledge of mathematics on the one hand, and on the other hand, by participating with students from different countries, they will be able to apply the knowledge of mathematics to human welfare. And Mathgurudev is trying to help you as a small part of this great initiative.


If the purpose is to love mathematics, to embrace the beauty of mathematics, then the Math Olympiad can be the best practice. “Love math, play with math, develop talent.”